Organic Compounds / Suspended Animation

Organic Compounds

Suspended Animations


“Organic Compounds” new works by Taka Sudo
“Suspended Animation” new works by J Shea
Date: Sep 7th – Sep 30th (opening reception: Sep 7th 7pm)
Place: Ayden Gallery (Vancouver Canada)

I’m opening the show with J Shea and Timothy Karpinski at Ayden Gallery Vancouver this friday 7th.
I made lots of new works for the show.
J shea and Timothy Karpinski are amazing artists both from Portland Oregon. I really love their works.
This will be a great show!!
The opening party starts 7pm friday 7th. I’ll be live-painting for the opening.

今週7日の金曜日からバンクーバーのAyden Galleryで、ポートランドのmixed mediaアーティスト J Shea とのfeatured showをオープンします。
同じくポートランドから Timothy Karpinski もショーに参加します。J SheaTimothy Karpinski、個人的にもめちゃくちゃファンなので楽しみなショーです!

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